What is Fluzone Intradermal®?

The Intanza® trivalent flu vaccine is approved for people aged 18 and older and injected into the dermal layer of the skin instead of into the muscle like traditional flu shots. The dermal layer of skin contains high concentrations of dendritic cells – these cells play a key role in helping the body generate an immune response.

The Intanza® vaccine

  • uses a smaller needle (micro-needle) than the standard needles used for traditional flu shots administered intramuscularly
  • is preservative-free (without thimerosal)

Intanza® requires less antigen, which is the part of a vaccine that helps your body build up an immune response to the disease, to be as effective as the traditional flu shot. Although the intradermal flu vaccine has less antigen than the traditional flu shot studies have shown the immune response to be similar.

Common side effects from the intradermal flu vaccine are similar to those experienced from receiving the traditional flu shot. As a result of the way this vaccine is administered the following side effects have been more common, at the injection site, with the intradermal flu vaccine than with the traditional flu shot.

  • redness
  • swelling
  • toughness
  • itching
Where to get the Intradermal influenza vaccine?

Influenza vaccines are available year round and especially during flu season at your Passport Health Travel Clinic. Please call us to check for specific availability of this flu vaccine option