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Skip the anxiety of traveling. We provide you and your family with all you need to help get there and keep you healthy when you arrive. That's what we can proudly give you: 

  • Pre-Travel Consultation and Vaccination
  • Tropical Medicine Consultation
  • Post Travel Health Checks
  • Destination Guides
  • Vaccinations and Health Concerns

More and more people are travelling regionally and internationally for various reasons – tourism, visiting friends and relatives, adventure, education, volunteer or aid work.

Travel health risks will vary between individuals, and several factors need to be taken into consideration, such as the itinerary, trip duration, travel style, activities and health background of the traveller. Travel health means making sure travellers are best prepared for preventing or managing illness and accidents while they are away from home.

It may include the following;

  • Ensuring a traveller understands the various health risks at their destination and knows how to avoid or minimalise risk.
  • Being protected through vaccinations or using special medications to avoid disease.
  • Having travel insurance.

It is recommended that you consult with your General Practitioner at least 6-8 weeks in advance as some of the immunizations may require a course of injections.  If however this time frame is not possible, remember,

‘its never too late to vaccinate’.


Pre-Travel Consultation & Vaccination


The pre-travel consultation offers a dedicated time to prepare travellers for the health concerns that might arise during their trips. The objectives of the pre-travel consultation are to assess the traveller’s trip plans and determine potential health hazards; to educate the traveller regarding the anticipated risks and methods for prevention; to provide immunizations for vaccine-preventable diseases and medications for prophylaxis, self-treatment, or both; and to empower the traveller to manage his or her health throughout the trip.

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All you need-to-know information about travel and routine vaccination. No medical jargon, just easy and plain!

Healthy travellers have the most fun! Pre-travel preparation will help protect your health while you are away.

For your convenience we handcrafted  a video to summarize some of major travel issues. Sit and enjoy