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If you are a business traveler whose job description includes regular trips out of town, everyone probably thinks you have a fabulous life. You jet off to international destinations, and you get paid to do it. At the Travel & Immunization Clinic of Monza, we understand that business travel isn’t all fun and games. It’s hard work. You may not even get 48 hours’ notice before you have to pack your bags, grab your passport and head out the door. We’re here for you – we can schedule a last-minute appointment and help you sort through the various requirements you need for a rapid or frequent departures.

We provide pre-travel care, preparation, education and immunizations for all types of corporate travelers, from the seasoned veteran to first timers, advising you on what is best for you as you travel overseas.

Let us take care of your medical travel needs, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll have time for a bit of fun. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone).

 Are you responsible for coordinating business trips for your employees or co-workers? We can assist you in this process as well – whether your business sends one individual or a group of 50, we can prepare your employees for a safe and productive business trip. Why choose us? We Emedi© and our Mobile Travel Clinic are prepared to meet your company’s needs straight at your door step!

Consultations specific for your employees travel itinerary

All vaccines readily available

Travel products for your employees comfort and safety

Direct billing as an option – contact us to get set up today!

Unable to come to the clinic? On-site visits available

Same day appointments usually available

Financial Competitive