About Us

Our Mission

To be the most trusted partner in healthcare by consistently delivering the highest quality, comprehensive care through an integrated, accountable and innovative team.


Our Values

We Believe:

  • We exist for our patients
  • The breadth and depth of our specialties and services provides a significant advantage to the patient experience.
  • Collaboration with other medical providers and organizations benefits our patients far greater than any of us working alone
  • In conducting ourselves with honesty, integrity and with respect for one another
  • Success of our organization is achieved through highly satisfied patients, motivated and engaged providers, skilled and accountable staff and a long-term commitment to our community
  • The future of healthcare requires leadership, flexibility, innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality and teamwork.

A young company with the brightest ideas

When it comes to travel health, our mobile Travel & Immunization Clinic of Monza is your secret weapon. We love everything about travel that it will be us to come to you so to avoid wasting valuable working hours. You won’t longer have to take a day off, we will visit you instead and so that you can go back to your job in no time. And we love helping you, our patients, get exactly what you need to stay healthy, and travel with confidence and peace of mind.

Whether you’re traveling for work, for fun, or to do good in the world, we provide everything you need: pre-travel care, consultation and education; and all the services you could possibly need, including everything yellow fever vaccinations and anti-malarial medication, to travel books and bug spray.

Pronto Salute is a company with hundred of health care providers such as nurses, technicians, administrators, even greeters at the door, gathered together to provide head-to-toe care to help you live your best possible life. We already offer all major specialties — from Cardiology to Pediatrics to Occupational Health to some of the largest employers in the region. Put this all together with our patented International Healt Passaport© we can provide you what no other medical group can do.


Your Needs Matter

At our office in Monza, we listen. We take the time understand your needs and the nature of your trip before prescribing a standard list of vaccinations or medications. Once we understand your needs and desires, we’ll offer advice and give you all the information you need so you can make smart, informed choices.

Whether you have a list of medical requirements provided by your employer, just want the basic vaccinations, or want to avoid vaccinations altogether, we’ll help you determine what you need to stay as safe and healthy as possible and get on the road, confident that you’re ready for what lies ahead. And if you have a budget, we’ll help you work with what you have.


Discover the kind of care and that only the Pronto Salute can offer.